Friend of the unborn battles away in Madison

Friend of the unborn battles away in Madison

Friend of the unborn battles away in Madison

Friend of the unborn battles away in MadisonA determined pro-life lawmaker in Wisconsin continues to legislate on behalf of the unborn, in spite of opposition from Democrats and the state's governor.

Republican State Senator André Jacque has fought the pro-life fight for years and continues to do so with two bills that have received hearings and are making their way through the legislature. The first measure (Senate Bill 260) forbids someone paid by the state to perform abortions – including medical students at the University of Wisconsin.

"It's out of extreme concern over the arrangement that the University of Wisconsin has with our state's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood – specifically in the performance and training of abortions for medical residents," the senator explains. "It's just an appalling arrangement."

Jacque, Andre (Wisconsin state senator) Jacque

According to the senator, the medical students receive a paycheck from the state but are doing abortions at the abortion clinic.

Officials with the University of Wisconsin say SB260 poses "a serious threat to the future of our OB-GYN residency training program."

The second bill (Senate Bill 261) calls for abortion facilities to report certain information to the state.

"When [an unborn child] with Down syndrome diagnosis … is aborted as a result of it, this is something that is going to be much clearer in the public in terms of the hidden holocaust that is otherwise occurring," Jacque shares. "But also, the legislation requires that the gender of the child be recorded."

If, for example, girls are being aborted because they're girls, that's a form of discrimination – and that information is important for the legislature in passing laws and public policy.

While pro-abortion Governor Tony Evers isn't expected to sign either bill, it's possible a new governor could be in place after the election next year. Both bills are supported by Pro-Life Wisconsin.