Democrats could do better than Biden

Democrats could do better than Biden

Democrats could do better than Biden

A conservative political pundit doesn't think the DNC made the right choice in backing Joe Biden's campaign for re-election in 2024.

In his announcement video released this week, Joe Biden says he wants to "finish the job." Polls, however, continue to show that most voters, including Democrats, are concerned about the president's ability to do that. They do not believe Biden is physically up for the job.

Jenna Ellis, a former attorney for President Donald Trump who now hosts a weekday morning program on American Family Radio, agrees that the party is ignoring its better options.

Ellis, Jenna Ellis

"If I was advising the DNC, they need someone who is younger, who is mentally sound and actually understands things and articulates policy," she suggests. "Someone like a Gavin Newsom would actually represent the ideological extremist positions of the Democrats, but he would at least do it well."

She adds that the California governor would create fewer headaches for the campaign.

"He wouldn't have to focus on a teleprompter, he wouldn't be falling up the stairs of Air Force One, and he could actually articulate well on the debate stage," says Ellis. "So if I'm a leftist, and of course I'm not, I would want someone who could actually articulate and champion those views, and Joe Biden is not that person."

Ellis says it will be interesting to see if Newsom decides to enter the race and let primary voters decide.