Christian educator: The fix is in … but God can intervene

Christian educator: The fix is in … but God can intervene

Christian educator: The fix is in … but God can intervene

A former GOP congresswoman turned political pundit is convinced Democrats are not worried about the 2024 election because they have figured out how they can rig it.


The next presidential election, still 18 months away, is bringing candidates – from both sides of the political aisle – out of the woodwork. And while an incumbent president historically has an inside track on his party's nomination, it's a bit different this time as a majority of Democrats don't believe Joe Biden should seek a second term.

Not to be deterred, the 80-year-old chief executive announced this week that he plans to run again – despite polls showing a lack of support among Democratic voters, calls for him to step aside so a younger Democrat can be nominated, and questions of his cognitive ability to run the country.

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann now serves as dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University. The problem in next year's presidential election, she warns, is going to be election integrity.

Bachmann, Michele (Regent Univ.) Bachmann

"We have a compromised election system that we can't count on," she tells AFN. "… Look at who the President of the United States is and what happened in the 2020 election: Donald Trump got over 75 million in-person votes … at minimum, and it may have been far more; and his opponent was someone who spent nearly the entire election away from the campaign trail at home [and] who didn't have a compelling message."

Speaking of having "nothing compelling," Bachmann shares that's what she saw in Biden's re-election video released earlier this week.

"I watched it. He doesn't even give a reason why anybody should vote for him again in a second term," the former GOP lawmaker argues. "What that says to me is the Democrats aren't worried [because] they've figured out how to rig elections. In other words, [they've figured out] how to steal our vote and get the outcome that they want."

Bachmann urges Christians to pray that God will intervene in a big way in 2024. "These smarty pants have rigged elections [and] they think they can rig them again," she concludes. "What they don't understand is the right arm of an Almighty God."

A former Justice Department attorney who now works to ensure election integrity recently told AFN he hasn't lost hope in America's election system. "I don't think it's a lost cause yet," said J. Christian Adams, "because the Founders, in their brilliance, always put the final say with the mass of the people." In other words, said Adams: More votes wins.