Reparations could be coming from gov't that messes up everything

Reparations could be coming from gov't that messes up everything

Reparations could be coming from gov't that messes up everything

A reparations task force in California is recommending more than $200,000 per person to black people in an effort to fix decades of inequality and injustice but a black conservative activist insists the greatest enemy is government itself.

Back in April, AFN reported the first-in-the-nation “task force” chose to base reparations on lineage and genealogy rather than simply based on being black in a racist society. That vote came after hours of testy debate and disagreement from wealthy, accomplished left-wing activists who all contend they live in a racist country that still mirrors the Antebellum South. 

In a new development after that April vote, an economic consultant team is recommending a payment of $223,200 per person based on housing discrimination from 1933 to 1977, Fox News reported.

The task force is reviewing several topics related to compensation, including devaluation of black-owned businesses, health care disparities, and mass incarceration of black criminals.

Joe Mobley of Project 21, who may himself be eligible for the reparation payment, tells AFN blacks in America are not being held back by the wrongs committed against their ancestors.

“We've got exorbitant taxes, out-of-control inflation, burdensome regulations,” he says. “These are the things that are holding us down.”

Mobley, Joe (Project 21) Mobley

California entered the Union as a free state in 1850, now 172 years ago. Delegates to that 1849 constitutional convention fiercely opposed slavery, and they penned a constitution to outlaw it. Blacks in California currently make up a single-digit minority in the country's most populous state.

“What we need is the ability to build our own enterprises,” Mobley says. “The ability to not have taxes taking all of our money. To not have regulations push us out of being able to compete.”

He also predicts that human nature would take over if much money hits the bank account. The people who will celebrate as if they won the lottery, Mobley predicts, will blow it all and end up in worse shape financially than before.