Major issues for voters: Life … and the pocketbook

Major issues for voters: Life … and the pocketbook

Major issues for voters: Life … and the pocketbook

Officer seekers will find out tonight – some, perhaps, in a few days – if their campaign tactics have struck a chord with their constituents. Some political pundits have suggested a jump in Republican victories is soon to come.

Just less than two years into his tenure, President Joe Biden – emboldened by Democrat-fueled policies – has brought changes that haven't pleased many American citizens. Matt Carpenter with FRC Action argues that as voters go in the booth today, their biggest concerns involve confidence in the government.

"We're talking about things like crime, stewardship of the economy – that's the price [of gas] at the pump, the price of groceries," he tells AFN. "We're talking [about] people's 401k's; that's a big one as well – some of macroeconomic issues. They're hitting Americans pretty hard in the pocketbook."

Carpenter, Matt (FRC Action) Carpenter

Then there's the issue of abortion up to birth, which Democrats have made a primary focus of their campaigns.

"You've seen some of these [Republican] campaigns actually go on offense on that issue," notes Carpenter, "and what that effectively did was take some of the wind out of the sails of the pro-abortion politicians."

Democrats, he points out, have poured millions of dollars into pro-abortion campaign ads, hoping it would save them on Election Day. "And while I am a little reticent to say it, I don't think that's going to happen," he adds.

Polls on many major races across the country have been breaking towards Republicans.