Polls indicate possible ‘GOP pick up’ in Michigan’s governor race

Polls indicate possible ‘GOP pick up’ in Michigan’s governor race

Polls indicate possible ‘GOP pick up’ in Michigan’s governor race

A Michigan-based conservative activist isn’t the only one impressed with the way the Republican challenger has closed the gap on Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Businesswoman and political newcomer Tudor Dixon (pictured above), who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, has pledged to fight for families who struggled through COVID-19 lockdowns that Whitmer imposed. Dixon has been gaining in the polls and now trails by just over three points, according to a RealClearPolitics average of Michigan gubernatorial polls. Three weeks ago, Whitmer’s lead was more than 11 points.

The Democratic governor’s drop in the polls, combined with Dixon’s rise, has drawn the attention of some high-profile politicians who want to see their preferred candidate come out on top next week. It was reported over the weekend that former President Barack Obama was stumping in Michigan on behalf of Whitmer; and Fox News this morning interviewed former Democrat and House member Tulsi Gabbard, asking why she has decided to jump on the bandwagon for Dixon.

AFN talked with Elaine Donnelly, a Michigan resident and president of the Michigan-based Center for Military Readiness. In her private capacity as a Michigan voter, she has been very impressed with how effective Dixon has been in getting her message to the voters.

“I’m hoping the [gubernatorial] election will turn out well in Michigan,” Donnelly tells AFN. “I have to tell you, Tudor Dixon is making a very good impression on people – [and she’s] doing it pretty much on her own. She certainly doesn’t have a money advantage.; she’s way behind in money.”

But Donnelly says Dixon scored big during a recent debate with Whitmer. “She comes out of the box at that debate and really knocked the socks off people, to use an old-fashioned expression,” says the activist.

Donnelly, Elaine Donnelly

And Donnelly points out that even the Detroit News has endorsed Dixon “and reiterated a lot of the stuff” about how Whitmer has handled various COVID-related issues in The Wolverine State during her tenure.

“The nursing homes, keeping businesses closed, and the mandates on how many people can go to other people’s houses; the hypocrisy of exempting her own family from those same mandates,” Donnelly lists. “These kinds of things are starting to come out – and that’s why opinion is starting to shift [in Dixon’s direction].”

In mid-August, Whitmer held a 17-point lead over Dixon in the RCP polling average. RCP predicts the Michigan gubernatorial race as one of three “GOP pick up” races in which Democratic incumbents may get ousted on November 8. The other two are Nevada and Wisconsin. A total of 36 states will be electing governors that day.