Chaos will continue in City of Angels

Chaos will continue in City of Angels

Chaos will continue in City of Angels

With the effort to recall Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón having failed, a West Coast-based attorney warns that the city will continue to spiral.

Backers of the recall had to gather just shy of 567,000 signatures to qualify the effort for the November ballot. Though they collected more than 715,000, the Los Angeles Registrar/County Clerk's office threw out 196,000 of them, meaning the measure failed to make the ballot by some 47,000 signatures.

Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) strongly suspects fishy business.

"Proponents were not allowed to watch the counting or the disqualifying of the signatures," he reports. "It's understood by many that there were many signatures that should've been counted that were not counted."

Gascón is a so-called George Soros DA, meaning the liberal activist spent several million dollars to put him into office. Since then, Gascón has been soft on violent criminals, often refusing to put them behind bars and instead releasing them back to the streets, where they are free to commit other crimes, often violent ones.

Dacus says that has caused a crime wave in the City of Angels.

"Crime is exploding in Los Angeles," the attorney laments. "It's a reason why so many people, especially with families, are leaving Los Angeles."

Dacus, Brad (PJI) Dacus

He goes on to point out that when there is no law enforcement, and when the district attorney does not respect the law or prosecute those who are arrested for committing bona fide crimes, "then you have chaos." 

So Dacus advises those who can leave LA to do so; those who cannot leave should hunker down.

"If people cannot leave Los Angeles, they'd better arm themselves, they'd better take further defensive measures, [and] they'd better pull their children out of public schools," he suggests.

The failed attempt comes after San Francisco voters in June recalled another prominent California criminal justice reformer, District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

It was the second attempt to qualify a recall election that could remove Gascón, after an initial attempt failed last year.