Poll shows Mar-a-Lago raid alarmed, angered, energized public

Poll shows Mar-a-Lago raid alarmed, angered, energized public

Poll shows Mar-a-Lago raid alarmed, angered, energized public

As if frustrated voters needed another reason to punish Democrats on Election Day, the unprecedented FBI raid on President Donald’s Trump's home has angered and motivated conservatives according to a post-raid poll.

UPDATE: Late Friday afternoon, the same judge who signed off on the search warrant unsealed the warrant used to raid the estate of former President Donald Trump on Monday.

According to a Trafalgar Group poll taken just after the Mar-a-Lago raid, a whopping 84% of Republican voters and 72% of Independents say they are more likely to vote in the 2022 midterms than they were before the raid.

Democrats still hoping Trump goes to prison were motivated by the raid, too, the poll shows, but to a far lesser degree. A little more than half of the Democrats polled said they were more likely to become politically active this November after the raid.

Echoing the concerns of many, Gary Bauer of American Values says Americans feel as if the U.S. has devolved into a Third World nation, where badges and guns are being wielded against political enemies of those in power.

“One of the reasons so many Cubans, so many Venezuelans, so many Chinese-Americans, have come here and are now drifting towards conservatism,” he says, “is they've all seen it before in the countries they escaped from.”

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

In a story about the FBI raid, AFN reminded readers the FBI and Department of Justice targeted Trump and numerous members of his administration with false charges. Few people have been punished even after that repeated abuse of power was belatedly exposed months and years later.

Even worse, that string of unpunished thuggish tactics is why much of the public - reflected in the poll - likely dismissed the FBI claim that Trump was keeping nuclear war-related materials in his Florida home. 

Is it possible the FBI hauled away legitimate documents that didn't belong in the former president's private home? Of course it is, but much of the public at this point won't believe that evidence even it it's true.   

"Took them more than two days," Texas radio host Jesse Kelly commented on Twitter, "to come up with a scary enough sounding justification for why they did what they did."

In a related online comment, journalist Auron MacIntyre pointed out Trump was accused of wrestling the steering wheel from a Secret Service agent and cavorting with Russian prostitutes, too, claims that were scoffed at by his supporters but believed by his enemies in politics and the media. Now we are told to believe he stole nuclear secrets. 

Robert Knight Knight

Washington Times columnist Robert Knight tells AFN it appears Trump is not afraid to fight back after he went through the “Russia collusion" lie, two sham impeachments, a stolen election, and now a raid on his home.

“They are ripe for being kicked out of office,” Knight says of Democrats on Election Day.

Beyond improving turnout for elections, Knight adds, the controversial raid has convinced Americans to support Trump and others who can restore our constitutional republic.