Jan. 6th hearings futile – so things likely to heat up: Bauer

Jan. 6th hearings futile – so things likely to heat up: Bauer

Jan. 6th hearings futile – so things likely to heat up: Bauer

For quite some time, Democrats have had their sites laser-focused on doing anything they can to keep Donald Trump from reoccupying the White House. A longtime conservative activist in Washington, DC, warns it's about to get even more intense.

For the last couple of months, Democrats and a couple of rogue Republicans – sometimes labeled as "Republicans In Name Only" (RINOs) – have held eight public meetings, pounding away at pinning the January 6th Capitol riots on former President Donald Trump. Thus far, however, the J6 Committee has come up empty – and it doesn't appear to be moving the needle on public opinion either.

According to a Monmouth Poll, 89% of Americans have not changed their opinion of the riot at all. Moreover, a vast majority believe the Committee is more political than investigative. Gary Bauer of American Values says Democrats aren't fooling anyone.

"I think the average American knows a stacked deck when they see it," he tells AFN. "They know what it's like to have two systems of justice – one for the powerful and one for the weak or the average guy."

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

And when it comes to the J6 Committee, says Bauer, the deck clearly is stacked. "There's no chance to cross-examine witnesses. There's no chance for the public to see most of the testimony that's being delivered behind closed doors," he points out.

Bauer contends that one of the aims of the Committee is to make sure Trump isn't on the 2024 ballot – and he argues there's only one way to legitimately do that: via the ballot box. But, he cautions, that doesn't mean the J6 Committee won't continue to try to delegitimize the former president.

"I expect more lies and more distortions, and I expect it to get worse between now and Election Day," he states.

The former GOP presidential candidate says "a lot of people in Washington are scared to death" that Trump will regain the White House, resulting in "massive investigations of the corruption engulfing this country."