Knight: Voters annoyed at GOP candidates but mad at Dems

Knight: Voters annoyed at GOP candidates but mad at Dems

U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker has stumbled during his race in Georgia but trails his Democrat opponent, Raphael Warnock, by single digits. 

Knight: Voters annoyed at GOP candidates but mad at Dems

Republican candidates who are running for a U.S. Senate seat are doing poorly in the polls, suggesting the GOP could watch Democrats dominate the evenly-split body next year, but a conservative columnist says public anger doesn’t favor the Democratic Party.

In congressional races across the country, it appears Republicans stand a decent chance of retaking the U.S. House and dethroning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The same cannot be said for the U.S. Senate, where Republicans could lose races in Pennsylvania and in Georgia in which candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker are trailing their opponents.     

According to the political website 270 to Win, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania are considered tossups heading into the midterms.

In a similar Election Day prediction, at RealClearPolitics, that well-known political website adds Senate races in New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin to that long list, bringing a total of seven Senate races being viewed as tossups.

Robert Knight, a columnist for The Washington Times, tells AFN some of the Senate races deserve the scrutiny they’re getting by Republican voters. One of those is the Pennsylvania race with Oz, he says, especially after the candidate recently praised same-sex marriage when his base opposes it.

“[Oz] didn't have to do that, even if he secretly thinks it's a great idea, because the base of his party are the most conservative,” Knight says. “And they want to see somebody defend marriage and the moral order.”

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In the closely-watched Georgia race, football legend Walker has fumbled the political football with avoidable gaffes and after reportedly hiding the number of children he has fathered. After those setbacks, veteran campaign staffers have joined the Senate campaign to help it reorganize, The Washington Post reported.

According to a RealClearPolitics average of five polls, Walker is trailing Sen. Raphael Warnock by only 4% with three months before Election Day.  

 According to Knight, the Republican Party will likely lose some seats they should have won because of “lousy” candidates but he predicts Democrats will be swept out of power on Election Day anyway.

“Overall, the country wants to throw the bums out,” he predicts. “The Democrats have made a mess of things.”