Hispanics running to GOP but Dems can't figure out why

Hispanics running to GOP but Dems can't figure out why

Yesli Vega, a Republican congressional candidate, celebrates winning the GOP primary to represent Virginia's 7th District. More Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party, she says. 

Hispanics running to GOP but Dems can't figure out why

Poll numbers that show Joe Biden’s presidency is sinking suggest Hispanic voters are abandoning Democrats, too, and a critic of illegal immigration predicts the liberal party will be slow to learn why.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, tells AFN there is “no question” the Biden administration’s border policy is among several reasons Hispanic Americans are running into the welcoming arms of the Republican Party.

'Staggering' numbers entering U.S. thanks to President Biden

Chad Groening, AFN.net

An immigration watchdog says President Joe Biden can add another record to his abysmal first term: record numbers of illegal aliens flooding into the United States from around the world.

In recent weeks, the Biden administration quietly released data that revealed more than 207,400 illegals were apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents during the month of June.

That figure means that encounters for the 2022 fiscal year have already exceeded last year's totals, with three months remaining in the fiscal year.

Mehlman, Ira (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Mehlman

Ira Mehlman, of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, tells AFN it is “staggering” to realize the June numbers weren’t a record high.

“It was higher in May and April,” he advises. “We've reached a point now where I guess we think 207,000 is actually kind of a lull. It's not.”

What is drawing those record numbers? It is an administration, he says, whose refusal to enforce federal immigration law is like an invitation to the rest of the world.

Krikorian points to the recent South Texas congressional race in which voters sent GOP candidate Mayra Flores to Congress. In that special election, voters chose Flores in a community that has supported Democrats since Franklin Roosevelt was elected president.

“Things have changed,” Krikorian says.

“The Democratic Party has abandoned the Hispanic community,” Flores, after her election, told Fox News. “They are focused on white liberals. They are not focused on the Hispanic community. They couldn’t care less.”

In another Fox News interview, Republican congressional candidate Yesli Vega (pictured at top), who is the nominee for the 7th District in Virginia, said her parents fled El Salvador to escape corruption and crime. They found a land of opportunity in the U.S., she said, which the Republican Party still represents. 

“We're not just a group that cares about immigration," she said of the political party. "We care about education. We care about the safety of our communities. We care about jobs, the cost of living.”

Vega oversaw Latino outreach for Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial race and said he got 54% of the Hispanic vote in that tight race for governor.

Those pro-GOP views from Rep. Flores and from Vega mirror a June story in The Hill that said Democrats are facing "troubling signs" among Latino voters, mostly due to inflation hurting families.  

'Paternity leave' and green energy

Like every other American, Hispanics are watching their family budgets get stretched to the limit to pay for more expensive groceries and record-breaking gas prices.

Going back generations, those basic necessities have been called “kitchen table” issues by Democrat politicians pursuing working-class votes. Americans who enjoyed $2 gas under Donald Trump are witnessing Democrats either blame Vladimir Putin for them or, even worse, boast that the pain at the pump serves a higher purpose for a “transition” to electric cars.

Back in May, the public was told America is currently going through an "incredible transition" to get away from fossil fuels, President Biden told reporters at the time.

This week, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said he was “astonished” to learn some Americans are struggling to “let go of the status quo” by clinging to fossil fuels instead of embracing green energy.

Last year, Buttigieg, who is openly homosexual, was on “paternity leave” from his Cabinet post for a whopping four weeks while a supply-chain crisis was still unfolding in California’s ports. That crisis is still being felt on many store shelves today. 

Krikorian, Mark (Ctr. for Immigration Studies) Krikorian

On the issue of illegal immigration, record-breaking numbers of illegals are entering the U.S. in wave after wave, and they are being allowed to remain here by the same Biden administration that insists the "border is closed." 

That open-borders policy was established just hours after Biden took office because Donald Trump was accused by Democrats of racism and xenophobia for clamping down on illegal border crossings.

According to Krikorian, the Democratic Party will not change its border policy unless the party gets “annihilated” in elections. Even then, he says, it will take several bitter defeats before the party questions if the American people support a lawless and useless border.