Buttigieg reminded of his query re: Trump's mental health

Buttigieg reminded of his query re: Trump's mental health

Buttigieg reminded of his query re: Trump's mental health

President Joe Biden's mental state was a topic of questioning during a recent House hearing when one of his Cabinet members was grilled by a U.S. congressman about statements that should have sounded familiar.

One year ago today, Joe Biden told America that the vaccinated could not get the coronavirus. Ironically, the White House announced today (Thursday) that President Biden has tested positive for COVID-19 and was experiencing (as he reassures in a tweeted video) "mild symptoms" – raising concerns about the president's physical health and stamina to fight off the virus.

Just two days ago, Congressman Troy Nehls (R-Texas) was questioning Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg (pictured above) in a Transportation Committee hearing, about Biden's mental health:

Nehls: "Please describe America to me in one, single word."

Buttigieg: "Well, for me, I guess 'home.'"

Nehls: "Well, just a few weeks ago, this is how President Biden described America in one word."

At that point, an aide behind Nehls held up a large poster displaying a picture of Biden, with the caption: "America's a nation that can be defined in a single word: Awdsmfafoothimaaafootafootwhscuseme."

Nehls: "Could you please tell me what that word means? Could you even say the word?"

Buttigieg: "Congressman, I'm not in the habit of trying to read transcriptions."

Later, the GOP lawmaker explained his reason for bringing up the issue:

Nehls: "You yourself questioned Donald Trump's mental state of mind in September 2019 when you stated to CNN – I quote: 'If our presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not a good shape.'"

"The dishonest media … began questioning President Trump's mental state back in February of 2017, a month into his presidency."

As for Biden's mental state, Nehls pointed out:

Nehls: "He shakes hands with ghosts. Even at the White House Easter celebration the Easter bunny had to guide him back into his safe place. Cue cards say 'Sit here' or 'End of speech' – [instructions] which he actually states."

"So, my question for you is: Have you spoken with any other Cabinet members about implementing the 25th Amendment on President Biden."

Buttigieg: "I will look beyond the insulting nature of that question and make clear to you that … [Nehls interrupts, repeating the question]. Of course not. Of course not."

Buttigieg concluded the exchange by testifying that Biden "is as vigorous a colleague or boss as I have ever had the pleasure of working with."