Trump's 'flip' in GOP Senate runoff causes head-scratching

Trump's 'flip' in GOP Senate runoff causes head-scratching

In Alabama, Katie Britt (left) and Mo Brooks are squaring off in a June 21 Senate runoff to represent the Republican Party on the November ballot. Britt was recently endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Trump's 'flip' in GOP Senate runoff causes head-scratching

A political analyst in Mississippi admits he's having a problem with Donald Trump's endorsement for the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

Heading toward the June 21 GOP primary runoff, Congressman Mo Brooks trails Katie Britt, a former chief of staff for retiring Senator Richard Shelby, by 18 points in an Alabama Daily News/Gray TV poll of likely Alabama voters. Now Britt has received another shot in the arm: former President Trump has opted to endorse her rather than Brooks, who he had previously endorsed. Trump withdrew his support after, during a massive rally, Brooks suggested it was time for Trump to put the 2020 election behind him.

Rob Chambers is vice president of AFA Action, whose iVoterGuide rates Brooks as "Verified Conservative" and Britt as "Leans Conservative."

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

"I find that to be really interesting … that President Trump has turned around and endorsed Katie Britt, someone who receives significant amounts of financial contributions from one of the founders of the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT radical activist organization," he says. "[That's] very problematic."

Chambers points out that even Trump's own son has an unflattering assessment of Britt.

"According to Donald Trump Jr, [his dad] has endorsed the 'Liz Cheney of Alabama,'" he shares. The younger Trump offered that description of Britt in a May 28 tweet.

No endorsement coming …

In the May 24 Alabama GOP Senate primary – which featured six candidates on the ballot – Britt came away the clear victor with 45.2% of the vote. Brooks drew 28.6%, narrowly beating Michael Durant (23.3%) – who, by virtue of finishing third, was eliminated.

Durant has made it clear he's no fan of either Britt or Brooks, stating publicly that he's not going to vote in the runoff.

"Katie Britt doesn't deserve to be a senator. Mo Brooks has been in politics for 40 years, and all he does is run his mouth. If that is the best we have, we're in trouble," Durant told 1819 News on June 2. "When the bad guys win, that's a problem."

In that same article, he describes Britt as a "so-called Christian conservative" who lied about him for two months during the campaign.

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