Katie Britt's liberal donors could cost her

Katie Britt's liberal donors could cost her

Katie Britt's liberal donors could cost her

A political analyst is pleased that Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks will get a second chance at securing the Republican nomination, especially against a candidate who is not so conservative.

No candidate in the recent Alabama Republican Senate primary reached the 50% threshold, so the top two vote-getters are headed to a runoff. Katie Britt, who garnered nearly 45% of the vote, will take on Congressman Mo Brooks, who finished second with just over 29%. The third-place finisher, Mike Durant, got over 23%; his supporters could determine which of the front-runners winds up on top.

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

"Mo Brooks is a grassroots conservative," comments Rob Chambers, vice president of the political arm of the American Family Association. "On our AFA Action legislative scorecard, our most recent one, he scored a 100. He is not only a social conservative; he's a fiscal conservative as well."

Chambers also thinks information about some of Britt's campaign donors could be problematic for her.

"For example, Daniel S. Loeb, who is a New York hedge fund manager who helped fund and start and launch an LGBT campaign through the Human Rights Campaign, which is a radical leftist group on par with the Southern Poverty Law Center," he notes. "I think you're going to see things like that come to surface more than they did in the primary."

The runoff will be June 21.

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