Can 'levelheaded' Democrats prevail in Los Angeles?

Can 'levelheaded' Democrats prevail in Los Angeles?

Can 'levelheaded' Democrats prevail in Los Angeles?

A moderate Democrat in Southern California is running for office in what may be a sign that the party has gone too far left – even for The Golden State.

Rick Caruso is running for mayor of Los Angeles. His campaign touts him as a "grandson of immigrants" who was "raised to put faith, family and community first." The billionaire philanthropist is a new breed of California Democrat that's pushing back against the radical left of his party.

Brad Dacus of Sacramento-based Pacific Justice Institute says Caruso's not alone.

"Many levelheaded Democrats are of the opinion that they need to elect Democrats who are not totally leftist, pro-criminal, and pro-crime," says the Christian attorney.

It's been years since a Republican has had a real shot at getting elected to a statewide office in California. But Dacus says as per usual, Democrats have so overplayed their hand, handing control of the party to radical leftists, that it might be a lifeline to the GOP.

Dacus, Brad (PJI) Dacus

"If a leftist Democrat wins in the [June 7] primaries, then we believe that many moderate Democrats who want to maintain law and order and reduce crime in their communities and stop the smash-and-grab at nearby stores, will decide to go ahead and give Republicans a try," he tells AFN.

Meanwhile, Dacus notes, Californians are voting with their feet. "Much of this frustration has already been manifest by people leaving the state," he shares. "For the first time in California's history, they have actually had a decrease in population and have actually lost a congressional seat."

Caruso is among a crowded field of candidates running for mayor. The primary is on June 7; if no candidate emerges with more than 50% of the vote, the top two vote-getters will advance to the November 8 general election. A recent poll showed Caruso with a narrow lead over his closest rival, Democratic Congresswomen Karen Bass.