Primary race too close predict

Primary race too close predict

Primary race too close predict

A spokesman for a Georgia-based pro-family organization says the Republican primary for his state's secretary of state is a toss-up.

The race between Brad Raffensperger (pictured), who rejected President Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud in Georgia in the 2020 presidential election, and Congressman Jody Hice, who has been endorsed by Donald Trump, has drawn an unusual measure of national attention. Timothy Head, executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition (FFC), says the race is too close to predict.

Head, Timothy (FFC) Head

"It's probably about a coin flip," he tells American Family News.

Head notes, though, that Raffensperger's decision to voluntarily send out absentee ballots to the entire voter roll of the state was beyond his authority and had a major impact on the Georgia vote in 2020.

"That requires a full vote from the Georgia Assembly to do that," the FFC executive explains. "He didn't have that vote, so that was absolutely beyond his jurisdiction."

According to a recent interactive poll by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 28% of likely primary voters favored Raffensperger, 26% supported Hice, and 37% were still undecided.