NC congressman in good position to win Senate race

NC congressman in good position to win Senate race

U.S. Rep. Ted Budd smiles as he takes the stage at an April rally for his U.S. Senate campaign. He handily won a GOP primary and will face Democrat Cheri Beasley in November. 

NC congressman in good position to win Senate race

A race for a U.S. Senate seat is underway in North Carolina, where the Republican nominee might have the rare distinction of not being opposed by at least one faction within the GOP.

U.S. Rep. Ted Budd clinched the GOP nomination May 17 in a crowded field that included Pat McCrory, a former governor, and the congressman quickly pivoted to November.

"Under Joe Biden, America is woke and broke," Budd said at a victory rally. "We need to put the brakes on this agenda for the sake of hardworking North Carolinians."

Rob Chambers, who leads AFA Action, says the congressman was rated by the affiliated IVoterGuide as a “verified conservative” in the race.

“Meaning we believe there's ample evidence out there,” Chambers says, referring to Budd’s voting record, “that would tell us that.”

Budd will face Democrat Cheri Beasley, a former state supreme court justice, who would be North Carolina's first black senator if elected.

Chambers predicts, however, that Budd will have grassroots support, and “establishment” support from party leaders, in his Senate campaign.

The congressman was also endorsed by Donald Trump, which helped him among voters in the "red" state of North Carolina, too.

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