Espinoza: Hispanic voters saying adios to Dems, Biden, & their policies

Espinoza: Hispanic voters saying adios to Dems, Biden, & their policies

Espinoza: Hispanic voters saying adios to Dems, Biden, & their policies

Hispanic voters are expected to make a positive impact at the midterms for conservatives, as they're feeling the same detrimental impact of the Biden administration's policies as is the rest of America.

According to an analysis by Pew Research Center, President Donald Trump made gains among Hispanic voters when he ran for reelection in 2020. Maria Espinoza, national director of The Remembrance Project, contends similar gains will also be very important in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. She tells American Family News that the Latino community continues to take note that "the Democrat Party does not have the best interest of their families in mind."

Espinoza commends Trump for "igniting" the entire country, including the Latino community. "The country finally had someone saying what they were all thinking and fighting for American families," she adds.

Espinoza, Maria (Remembrance Project) Espinoza

But today, she says, it appears the Biden administration is showing little concern for the American family – and that, she argues, will resonate with Latinos. "Food and gas have increased exponentially, and wages aren't meeting the inflation," she notes.

According to Espinoza, Hispanic Americans remember when unemployment was an historic low under the Trump administration – and those same people now are witnessing the current administration's "poor leadership." That, she contends, will be reflected in the midterms.

No borders? No country

As the daughter of a legal immigrant, Espinoza knows firsthand that law-abiding immigrants want laws enforced – and she argues it's a big mistake for U.S. citizens to simply ignore what's happening along the southern border.

"Enforcing existing laws means safe communities, safe schools, safe businesses where people can thrive," she states. "[But] if we turn the other way to this lawlessness [at the southern border], then what law is not in jeopardy? Either we have laws or we don't. Either we have a nation or we don't."

Without borders, Espinoza warns America will cease to exist – a "frightening truth" she says isn't being spoken of enough, she adds.

"The media isn't telling us this truth: that the demise of our country is taking place. We are losing our country," she laments. "While [America] is being attack from all sides from the Left, a border invasion is also destroying the country."

She urges all Americans who care about their country to push back by seeking out good candidates and educating themselves before voting.

Editor's note: Espinoza created The Remembrance Project to serve as a voice for victims killed by illegal aliens. She is also host of The Maria Espinoza Show.