Voters in this county are seeing 'Red' … big time

Voters in this county are seeing 'Red' … big time

Voters in this county are seeing 'Red' … big time

In what could be an early indicator of things to come in the fall midterms, the voters of a county in the swing state of Wisconsin clearly spoke.

Earlier this month, voters in Wisconsin went to the polls – as they do every April – to elect county and local office holders, including school board members. AFN reported earlier this month that Republicans went three-for-three when Mark Borowski, Marquell Moorer, and Karrie Kozlowski were elected to the Waukesha School Board. All three were openly supported by the Republican Party of Waukesha County.

Terry Dittrich is chairman of the Republican Party of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, which is just west of Milwaukee. During an appearance Friday on American Family Radio, he was proud to announce a wave of conservative wins across the county – not just in the county seat of Waukesha.

"We won 151 races [of approximately 180] – an 87% win rate," he boasted. "We absolutely swept every single school board seat … every one in the county. And we took the majorities of every single school board, except one – which we'll come back and clean up next year. But we won the two seats [there] that we could win. [Otherwise,] we swept the entire county of every single school board."

Dittrich, Terry (Rep. Party of Waukesha Cty, WI) Dittrich

The GOP strategist says the residents of the county sent a clear message to the "other side."

"The Democrats fought tooth and nail, looking at us and saying we were partisan and they were non-partisan," he describes. "They were spending money, they were just ridiculing our candidates. [I have to say] it was really, really ugly …. The entrenched bureaucrats and the lefties were just brutal in this race. [But] at the end of the day, the people clearly spoke."

According to Dittrich, the margins of victory were so big that many candidates "crushed" their opponents, often winning by double-digit margins. He also mentioned that the voter turnout in the county during this month's spring election was more than 42% - up from 17% two years ago.

"The people were incensed and were saying We're done with all of this game-playing and non-transparency in our government. We're taking our government back. It was a beautiful thing," he concluded.