Parents who are 'tired of it all' continue making inroads

Parents who are 'tired of it all' continue making inroads

Parents who are 'tired of it all' continue making inroads

The battle for parental rights in public education chalked up another victory last week in Waukesha, Wisconsin, when three new school board members running on an anti-CRT slate made a clean sweep of the election.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin went three for three last week when Mark Borowski, Marquell Moorer, and Karrie Kozlowski were elected to the Waukesha School Board. The three ran promising to cleanse the school district of instruction in critical race theory (CRT). After the official election results were in, Kozlowski told "Fox & Friends" that the district, school administrators, and teachers all said CRT wasn't being taught. She argues it was.

"The school district of Waukesha and the state of Wisconsin's [Department of Public Instruction] are providing profession development training specific to CRT," said the newly elected school board member. "So, if the training is happening at the professional level, it is going to trickle into the classroom. It's there."

Kozlowski reported that she and the two other new board members will focus on academics instead of woke social indoctrination.

"Fifty-five to 60% of all of our students are not proficient in any subject. That was beyond alarming – and worse than that is it wasn't just an isolated event," she shared. "This is a trend for the school district of Waukesha that's been going on for six to ten years, knowing that the incumbents who were sitting on the board were part of all that the whole time."

The community, said Kozlowski, has had enough. "I think we're at a big crossroads where parents, grandparents, and the community are just tired of our children not getting the academic education that they need," she explained.

"The community is really making a loud stance and a clear message. We need change. The education needs to change."

All three of the newcomers were openly supported by the Republican Party of Waukesha County.

'Parental rights' is the battle cry

As Fox News points out, parents around the country have been fighting against CRT indoctrination in public schools, as well for their parental responsibility regarding their children's education. Two Republican governors – Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Kristi Noem of South Dakota – have come to the aid of parents in recent weeks. Late last month, DeSantis signed into law a parental rights bill banning educators from giving pro-LGBT instruction in grades K-3. And Noem last week signed an executive order targeting CRT in classrooms.

On a similar front, conservative lawmakers and parents in several states are coming out on top in their campaigns to protect women's sports and prevent males who claim to be females from competing on female sports teams.