Abrams knows what pays … books, speeches, and the 'race card'

Abrams knows what pays … books, speeches, and the 'race card'

Georgia gubernatorial Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams arrives to qualify for the 2022 election on March 8, 2022, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Abrams knows what pays … books, speeches, and the 'race card'

A conservative black activist argues that liberal Georgia politician Stacey Abrams has played the "victim race card" to amass a fortune of over three million dollars.


Even though she came up short four years ago, Stacey Abrams still wants to be governor of Georgia. When she ran the first time in 2018, Republicans questioned her ability to manage a state budget when she struggled with handling her own debts. But that was back when her net worth was $109,000.

Now as she again runs for governor, her ability to pay her financial debts isn't likely to become an issue – because after becoming a liberal black activist and enemy of Donald Trump for the past four years, she's now worth $3.17 million, thanks mostly to book and speaking income, according to state disclosures filed in March.

Mike Hill is a former Florida state legislator, tea party leader, and member of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network. He claims Abrams is being funded by corporate and government "patronage."

Hill, Mike (Project 21) Hill

"I have nothing against someone earning an income, either through hard work or producing a wanted commodity or even through investments," Hill tells AFN. "But … instead of being a producer and earning income from being a producer, we're seeing [here] that they are playing the victim race card – and it has been shown that in the United States [playing] the victim race card pays."

Hill is convinced Abrams was right in the middle of the 2020 election mess in Georgia with Fair Fight Action, the voting rights group she founded and formerly chaired.

"What she did is set up a mechanism to cheat and steal the votes in Georgia to make sure that President Trump did not win that election, just as they did in those other five swing vote states," he describes. "And here she is having the nerve to run again – and I believe it's because … they got away with cheating last time, they think they can do it again."

Among Abrams' campaign policies are universal pre-K education (birth to 4), tuition-free technical college, an "unwavering commitment to supporting equality for LGBTQ+" individuals, expansion of Medicaid, defense of abortion "rights," and removal of "systematic barriers" to voting.

Hill predicts that if Abrams is elected governor, America will witness the state of Georgia decline – just as the entire country has declined under President Joe Biden.