Trump backs Palin in jungle primary

Trump backs Palin in jungle primary

Trump backs Palin in jungle primary

A conservative political pundit thinks a high-profile former governor and vice presidential candidate has a great shot at winning a congressional seat.


Sarah Palin (R-Alaska), who is already well hated by the left, has received the endorsement of Donald Trump as she seeks to succeed the late Don Young, the Republican Party's longest-serving member of Congress in history who served as the U.S. representative for Alaska's at-large congressional district from 1973 until his death this year.

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

The jungle primary, a special election in which all candidates for elected office run in the same primary regardless of political party, will be June 11th. At least 50 candidates of all parties are vying to make the top four and advance to the general election.

"There is no doubt that she will have access to significant amounts of money," comments Rob Chambers, vice president of AFA Action, says of Palin. "She has her own PAC, [and] of course she's former governor of the state of Alaska; she has broad name recognition."

He recalls that Palin was one of Trump's early supporters going into the presidential primary in 2016 and says the former president's support for her now will likely draw campaign support from donors across the country.

"I think she will draw a lot of attention because of that star status," Chambers adds. "She will draw the support, I think, from many like-minded financial contributors across the country."

He likewise does not expect the left to spare any effort to see Palin's defeat.

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