Utah guv chooses fake females over real ones with veto threat

Utah guv chooses fake females over real ones with veto threat

Will Thomas, a University of Pennsylvania swimmer who identifies as female, is a member of the girls' team and is breaking swim meet records. Utah's governor has vowed to veto a bill that would block biological males from competing in high school and collegiate sports. 

Utah guv chooses fake females over real ones with veto threat

Signing a bill that bans biological males from female-only sports teams should be an easy lay-up for a Republican governor but Utah’s governor has not only vowed to veto a bill he has assured male athletes he cares about their feelings.

Taking action that mirrors other state lawmakers, Utah’s legislature last week passed the Student Eligibility in Interscholastic Activities. The bill, which has now been sent to Gov. Spencer Cox, specifically bans biological males from girls’ leagues in the state.

It defines "biological male" as "an individual’s genetics and anatomy at birth."

“Boys can run faster, they can jump higher and they can throw farther than girls in the same age bracket,” state Sen. Curt Bramble said during floor debate. “To have individuals that are born male compete against naturally born females, it’s an unfair playing field.”

According to The Associated Press, Gov. Cox has announced he will veto the bill after attempting for weeks to reach a behind-the-scenes compromise between homosexual activists and GOP lawmakers.

After the bill passed, Cox clearly chose a side --- transgender girls over biological girls --- when he said he was vetoing the bill on behalf of transgender student-athletes.

“I just want them to know that it’s gonna be okay,” Cox said. “We’re gonna work through this.”

Jeff Johnston, of Focus on the Family, tells AFN that surgery, hormones, puberty blockers, and even clothing don’t change biology and DNA.  

“That can't change a guy to a girl,” he argues. “And because they've gone through male puberty, these boys have inherent advantages over young ladies, and they're taking opportunities from young ladies.”

AFN has reported that is certainly the case with Will Thomas, the University of Pennsylvania senior who is swimming on the girls team as “Lia.” His record-crushing swim meet scores have exposed the ugly reality of a muscle-bound male leaving behind even the best female athletes. 

Utah's bill was sponsored by state Rep. Kera Birkeland, a high school basketball coach. She pushed for a bi-partisan commission to study the issue, and the bill sent to Gov. Cox designates the commission.