People's Convoy just a glimpse of bigger movement

People's Convoy just a glimpse of bigger movement

People's Convoy just a glimpse of bigger movement

The founder of a national movement of mothers reclaiming the culture for truth, family, and freedom says The People's Convoy is about ending the declaration of national emergency concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and restoring the nation's Constitution.

The People's Convoy continues to circle the Washington, D.C. beltway, and on Tuesday, they met with Republican Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Ted Cruz of Texas to discuss the harmful effects of President Biden's vaccine mandates.

Fletcher, Kimberly (MFA) Fletcher

"Enough with the mandates, enough with the government overreach, enough with people saying they're not our kids," comments Kimberly Fletcher, founder, president, and CEO of Moms for America (MFA), which has been with the convoy since its journey began in California. "They are our kids, and we're going to protect them. We have a big, purple truck which jumped on the convoy, and it's got the Constitution on it, the Statue of Liberty, and our big logo."

Fletcher shares that she has been amazed by the reaction of people along the route.

"Every single overpass was flooded with people carrying flags, mothers with children, veterans," she accounts. "It was like tears would come to my eyes as I would see them, and they'd be waving and thanking us, and they had 'honk if you love America' and 'thank you' signs everywhere. Just the other day when the truckers ran the beltway, the same thing; they were all over the overpasses at the beltway and on the side roads. It's just great."

Fletcher says moms are mobilized to carry on the fight against the mandates and to prevent the republic from being torn down any further.

On Wednesday, after meeting with members of the Senate, The People's Convoy remained staged in Hagerstown, Maryland. Fletcher says popularity is the only reason blue states are now lifting their mandates.

"Elections are coming up, people are angry, and so they want to make sure that they do everything that they can to win as many votes as they can," she submits. "They're making themselves out to be some kind of heroes, like, Look what we've done; it's all safe now. The government's telling you it's okay, you can go back to your lives. Well, there never should have been mandates to begin with. That's the problem. They have no authority to do that at any level of government."

Though those who are trying to destroy the Constitution will inevitably keep marching forward, the MFA president asserts that mothers are refusing to take it anymore.

"They're showing up at school board meetings. They're showing up in mass," she reports. "You saw what happened in Virginia-- That's just a precursor of things to come. And not only did we win Virginia in a big way because of parents, we won in 17 different states -- school boards, city councils, county commissions -- because moms rose up and started running for these offices."

Fletcher calls the excitement and the energy from conservatives "contagious," and she asserts that concerned mothers are mobilizing in every state in the country.