Incumbent AG will stick around, pundit predicts

Incumbent AG will stick around, pundit predicts

Incumbent AG will stick around, pundit predicts

A conservative activist and political pundit is predicting the incumbent Texas attorney general will have an easy win in a runoff against the nephew of a former president.

In Tuesday's Republican primary in the Lone Star State, AG Ken Paxton failed to get the necessary majority to secure the nomination. He garnered nearly 43% of the vote, and consequently will be in a runoff against Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, who finished second with almost 23%. Two other candidates – Eva Guzman and former Congressman Louis Gohmert – took the rest of the vote.

Rob Chambers, vice president for AFA Action, says Paxton – who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump – will continue his re-election campaign against a family that has a history of opposing Trump.

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

"I wasn't surprised at all to see this going to a runoff," Chambers tells AFN. "Our voter guide evaluates Ken Paxton as a verified conservative and [it] evaluates George P. Bush as moderate."

Chambers expects Paxton will ultimately triumph. "I think that the vote that went to Eva Guzman will probably be split between Paxton and Bush, but I think most all of Gohmert's are going to go to Paxton," he says. "So, I think that's going to indicate a Paxton win in the runoff."

That runoff is slated for May 24.

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