Prediction: GOP voters in TX will reject Bush name on ballot

Prediction: GOP voters in TX will reject Bush name on ballot

Prediction: GOP voters in TX will reject Bush name on ballot

A political primary in Texas to be the Republican nominee for attorney general is just days away, and a conservative activist says the crowded ballot includes Donald Trump supporters and a “Never Trumper” who deserves to lose.

In the state, Republican voters will go to the polls March 1 to choose their candidate for state attorney general. That ballot includes incumbent Ken Paxton, who is facing U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert and George P. Bush, who is currently a state land commissioner a son of the former Florida governor.

The ballot also includes Eva Guzman, a former justice on the Texas Supreme Court.

Paxton, Ken (Texas attorney general) Paxton

Rob Chambers of AFA Action says Paxton was endorsed by Trump and is facing the powerful “Never Trump” Bush family with George. P. Bush on the ballot.

“I think you have the constitutional conservative versus what's properly been called the RINO, establishment, Republican Party candidate,” Chambers says. “That would be George P. Bush.”

According to The Texas Tribune newspaper, Paxton is leading in the polls but a runoff is possible.

The newspaper also reported the candidates are taking political shots at each other in TV ads:

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

While Paxton is airing TV ads attacking Gohmert over his attendance record in Congress, and Gohmert is countering with his own commercial accusing Paxton of desperation, Bush is running TV ads targeting Guzman, who says Bush’s claims are “ludicrous.”

Chambers says the powerful Bush family pushing George P. Bush is their “last-ditch” effort to keep the well-known name in national politics.

"And I just don't see it happening," he predicts. 

On the Democrat ballot, five candidates are running for that nomination: Joe Jaworski, Rochelle Mercedes Garza, Lee Merritt, Mike Fields and Stephen Raynor. 


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