Can Trudeau keep his upper hand?

Can Trudeau keep his upper hand?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a news conference, Monday, Feb. 21, 2022 in Ottawa, accompanied by several members of his Cabinet. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press via AP)

Can Trudeau keep his upper hand?

A pro-family activist says there is a growing dissatisfaction among Canadians with the prime minister as he continues to stomp on the rights of citizens who are protesting the government's oppressive COVID mandates.

On Monday, by a vote of 185-151, members of Trudeau's Liberal Party and members of the more left-wing New Democratic Party joined together to defeat the Conservative Party's effort to end Trudeau's extreme powers. Even though police have ended the truckers' occupation of the nation's capital as well as the border blockades, Trudeau maintains that extreme measures are still needed.

Landolt, Gwendolyn (REAL Women of Canada) Landolt

Conservatives want new elections, but as Gwen Landolt, president of REAL Women of Canada, reports, Trudeau has a strong political hand right now.

"Because of support of the socialist New Democrat Party, he cannot be defeated on a motion in the House of Commons," Landolt explains. "The Liberal members of Parliament are historically blindly liberal to their leader. Trudeau knows that any motion for a new election will not pass, so he has a strong hand in the House of Commons and in the Senate."

She adds, though, that many Canadians believe the prime minister has lost his moral authority.

"They have not liked him for a number of reasons, but he's managed to get through because of a weak opposition," Landolt continues. "But the fury and dislike of him has increased enormously over this whole debacle. The Canadian media are actually publishing articles saying Trudeau has gone too far. Our media is very left-wing, but they themselves are raising questions."

Still, she says whether Trudeau or the truckers will win the standoff remains to be seen.