DeSantis wants no part in Biden's 'human smuggling operation'

DeSantis wants no part in Biden's 'human smuggling operation'

DeSantis wants no part in Biden's 'human smuggling operation'

Florida's governor is telling the White House that The Sunshine State will not be a dumping ground for illegal immigrants.

"We cannot be party to what is effectively a massive human smuggling operation run by the federal government. Companies that were facilitating the movement of illegal aliens from the southern border to Florida should be held accountable …. I'm also requesting funds so that when the feds dump people here in Florida illegally, the state can reroute them to the states that have sanctuary policies." (Gov. Ron DeSantis, during his State of the State speech on Tuesday)

Joe Biden's open-border policy has become a major campaign issue as the 2022 midterm election cycle nears. The president has not only opened the borders to thousands and thousands of illegals from all over the world, but he has also put them on planes and dumped them off in various states in the middle of the night without warning, including the red state of Florida.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel's "Life, Liberty & Levin," Governor Ron DeSantis (R) recently pointed out that some of the illegal aliens are dangerous to local communities.

"One of the guys they brought into Northeast Florida ended up murdering somebody in the community," DeSantis reported "So obviously, [Biden's] not securing the border, which is a problem, but then to farm out people into communities all across the country is imposing huge cost on Florida and other states."

So DeSantis has decided to be proactive.

"We have sued Biden, and we have a case in federal court," the governor detailed. "I'm asking for money from the legislature so that if we do get wind of these flights, we have money that if they drop in Jacksonville, let's say, I'll pay for buses, and we will send them to Delaware or some of these other places. Then they'll know that Florida is not a good place to do it."

DeSantis also relayed Florida's message to companies that aid and abet the president's policy: "You can't do business with the state of Florida or any local community if you're facilitating what is effectively a massive human smuggling operation."

Quote from Gov. DeSantis' Tuesday speech added after story was originally published.