What to expect from the GOP this year

What to expect from the GOP this year

What to expect from the GOP this year

A conservative member of Congress says people must stop voting liars into office, and political leaders need to stop being untruthful to the people they represent.


American Family News recently reported that one of Rasmussen Report's latest surveys revealed a stunning 58% of voters are convinced Biden is not physically or mentally up to the job of being president of the United States. With at least 20 Democratic lawmakers retiring and the president's continuously sinking poll numbers, Republicans are increasingly confident that they will take back the House in the 2022 midterm elections.

Owens, Burgess (R-Utah) Owens

During a recent appearance on "Fox & Friends," House Representative Burgess Owens (R-Utah), a former Super Bowl champion who played 10 seasons in the National Football League for the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders, said the American people are tired of the lies of the Democratic Party.

"We cannot continue to put people in office and allow our leaders to lie to us this way and think we're going to believe them just because they say so," he said. "Those days are done. It used to work out in the urban cities; they believed them. That's why so many black Americans and Hispanic Americans used to vote for Democrats. They're changing also. We're waking up, realizing that you tell one thing, but we feel the deal."

And Owens asserts the GOP will take a message to the midterms this year.

"We're putting together a task force right now, the leadership is," he told "Fox & Friends." "We're going to come out in the spring and give Americans exactly what we stand for -- not just that we stand against the Democrats … but we're going to show exactly the policies we're going to put in place to give people their freedom."