Conservative leaders silent in Canada

Conservative leaders silent in Canada

Conservative leaders silent in Canada

A conservative political pundit in Canada says the government there continues to go over the top in its dealing with the coronavirus.

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party is once again using fear, this time of the new omicron variant, in an attempt to quash the rights of the Canadian people who want to travel and in general return to normal life. Brian Rushfeldt, the former executive director of Canada Family Action, says some provincial leaders have been the tyrants in this latest series of lockdowns.

"Some of the premiers are now the ones that are doing more shutdowns, lockups, and punishment of people than the prime minister," Rushfeldt reports. "It's nothing more than a flu. We've the premiers of the provinces locking people down. The tyranny has not eased off up here for sure."

He tells American Family News he and his wife intend to visit Hawaii soon, but Canada is especially restrictive on travelers returning home.

"We've got to get a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test, which is the expensive one," the conservative details. "We've got to have that PCR test inside of 72 hours. The idea that we've got to have a 24-hour going on [and] a three-day coming back … shows the absolute lunacy of all this testing and virus stuff right there in that one scenario."

Given the Conservative Party's silence on the new restrictions, Rushfeldt is not surprised that the leader of the party would associate with infamously extreme Islamist clerics and activists for votes.

Erin O'Toole, who failed to take his party to victory in the national elections in September, agreed to speak at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention Christmas weekend. According to Islamist Watch, many of the Islamists in attendance were extremists, some even with direct ties to terrorism.

"I'm not at all surprised that O'Toole would be part of such a gang," responds Rushfeldt. "The man is a total deception. He has no conservative leanings or ideologies at all; he's simply a man that wants power and wants to become the prime minister, so he will do anything that he has to to get votes, regardless how dangerous the people are."

But Rushfeldt says this pandering to Islamists will only further infuriate true conservatives in the Conservative Party.

"I think this will certainly do him more harm when people see that this is who he really is," the conservative submits. "There is a petition going around right now in Canada to have him removed from leadership of the Conservative Party simply because he is so deceptive."