Conservatives look to steadfast senator ahead of important vote

Conservatives look to steadfast senator ahead of important vote

Conservatives look to steadfast senator ahead of important vote

Center-right groups continue to speak out against President Biden's "Build Back Better" plan.

The House narrowly passed the $2 trillion spending bill last week by a vote of 220 to 213. The Senate will now take up the legislation that President Biden says will rebuild the "backbone of America: working people and the middle class."

Williams, David (Taxpayers Protection Alliance) Williams

Elaine Parker, chief communications officer at Job Creators Network, says her organization is calling upon Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), "the adult in the room with the Democrats," to convey that America is facing a 30-year-high inflation that is impacting everyday Americans, not wealthy Americans.

"Gas prices are up, the cost of groceries is up, the cost of everything is up, and more reckless spending is simply going to lead to more inflation," Parker reasons.

"It is absolutely imperative that everybody contact their senator to urge them to vote against the Build Back Better," adds David Williams, president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance. "This is one of the most important votes of the Senate this year, and probably in many years."

Parker, Elaine (Job Creators Network Foundation) Parker

Parker also points out that this sort of push is nothing new.

"We've seen this under another Democratic Party president, and his name is Jimmy Carter," she explains. "So, we've already read this book. We know it doesn't work, and I implore Senator Manchin to continue focusing on the economy and what is happening in front of us right now. He's just been steadfast in what he believes, and, of course, the inflation numbers continue to tell the story."

Neither party has done much to combat government spending, even after making campaign promises to do something about the debt and deficit. As a result, some voters may foresee a problem regardless of which party is in control and choose to set their attention on some other issue.

Ditch, David (Heritage) Ditch

"People should care because we are seeing the results of reckless federal spending right now," says David Ditch, policy analyst for The Heritage Foundation. "The federal government has added over $5 trillion to the national debt since the start of the pandemic last year. They're going to add trillions more in each successive year, and all of that money being shoved into the economy is a major factor behind the inflation that we're seeing right now. The more they try to inject, the worse that inflation is going to get."

Despite frequent statements from Biden that the "framework is fully paid for," the Congressional Budget Office says Biden's Build Back Better Act would add to the national debt.