'Blind, ignorant' voters not found only in California

'Blind, ignorant' voters not found only in California

'Blind, ignorant' voters not found only in California

In the wake of a Liberal Party victory earlier this week, a pro-family activist in Canada says it's clear to him that several large groups of "mindless people" have bought into the lies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

With updated results from Monday's election, Trudeau and his Liberal Party won 158 seats in Parliament compared to 119 for the Conservatives. Three other parties took the remainder of the seats. While Trudeau failed to win the 170 seats necessary to form a majority government, he will form another minority government.

AFN spoke with Brian Rushfeldt, the former executive director of Canada Family Action, about the election results. He compares the Canadian electorate to Californians who kept Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in power in a recent recall election.

"I can't explain or don't understand how Canadians have become as blind and as ignorant as the Californians who voted for that governor," he begins.

"I don't know how to explain the disaster in Canada that we perpetrated upon the nation in the election, other than the fact that we've got several large groups who are getting handouts from the government – sometimes under the table, sometimes over the table."

As long as Canadians get money from the government, Rushfeldt expects many will continue to vote for the Liberal Party.

"… The university crowd, the unions, and the immigrants – whether they're illegal or legal immigrants – are getting billions of dollars," he describes. "Those are the people who are being bought. They're buying the lies that Trudeau has been telling them."

They've become "totally mindless people" based on handouts, he concludes.