CWA: Infrastructure bill covertly funds racial division

CWA: Infrastructure bill covertly funds racial division

CWA: Infrastructure bill covertly funds racial division

A conservative group that promotes biblical values and constitutional principles has ripped the racial divisiveness of the exorbitant $1 trillion infrastructure bill that the Senate passed Tuesday with a 69–30 vote, with 19 Republicans supporting the Democrats’ bill.

Penny Young Nance is president and CEO of Washington, DC-based Concerned Women for America. Before the Senate cast its votes last week, she pleaded to Republican senators to not let Democrats take their surreptitious first step to destroy America – both economically and socially.

"Today, Concerned Women for America members across the nation call on [GOP senators] ... to stand firm against this frivolous wasteful government spending that will pass on crippling debt to future generations of Americans,” she urged in a press release.

Specifically called out in the release were Senators Blunt (R-Mo.), Burr (R-N.C.), Capito (R-W.V.), Cassidy (R-La.), Collins (R-Maine), Cornyn (R-Texas), Cramer (R-N.D.), Crapo (R-Idaho), Fischer (R-Neb.), Grassley (R-Iowa), Hoeven (R-N.D.), McConnell (R-Ky.), Murkowski (R-Alaska), Portman (R-Ohio), Risch (R-Idaho), Romney (R-Utah), Rounds (R-S.D.), Sullivan (R-Alaska), Tillis (R-N.C.), and Wicker (R-Ms.)

Nance blasted politicians for giving little thought about plunging America into greater financial dependency.

"There is no justification for the high price tag associated with this bill,” Nance continued. “With the current national U.S. debt exceeding $28 trillion, this bill is nothing but more irresponsible, reckless spending with no end in sight.”

She argued that the measure will use American tax dollars to push the Democrats’ unbiblical, racially divisive and politically correct agenda that undermines core American principles – before alluding to the $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure bill” Democrats will attempt to piggyback onto the one the Senate just passed.

"In an evenly divided Senate, legitimate disagreement and discourse should be respected,” the devout Christian asserted. “This 'infrastructure' bill will waste trillions of dollars and includes innumerable controversial provisions that have nothing to do with actual meaningful investments in American infrastructure. [Our organization] opposes this Trojan horse of a bill, and we urge the above senators to stand firm against it.”

A final warning was then issued.

"We remind these senators that under their leadership – since 2000 – the national debt has grown from $5 trillion to a staggering $28 trillion,” Nance concluded. “This is contrary to the principles most of them embraced as their reasoning for entering public service. This vote will serve as a legacy of debt and irresponsible spending as many of them leave the Senate. Shame."

New plans for America

Right after the Senate passed the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and fellow Democrats were adamant about tacking on another $3.5 trillion in spending – known as the “human infrastructure bill” – that they intend on passing without Republican votes in September, when it goes before Congress.

"The House will continue to work with the Senate to ensure that our priorities for the people are included in the final infrastructure and reconciliation packages," Pelosi assured after the vote, according to Newsmax.

After voting for the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) insisted that he would work to stop the “radical” larger spending package geared to bring about a permanent welfare state in what would be the biggest peacetime tax hike in the history of the United States.

Critics of the massive bill contend that if Democrats get their way with those spending levels, taxpayers can expect their money to be used for the following: expansive federal initiatives paying for free community college, mandatory preschool education, paid home healthcare for the elderly will ensue, and “climate change” programs to reduce carbon emissions.

A debate is slated for September in Congress as Democrats strive to boost Washington’s borrowing authority and pass a voting reform bill that Republicans argue is intended to increase voter fraud and keep the Left in power indefinitely.