Governor angrily insists he cares about state ready to give him California-style heave-ho

Governor angrily insists he cares about state ready to give him California-style heave-ho

Governor angrily insists he cares about state ready to give him California-style heave-ho

A “shock poll” of California voters predicts Gavin Newsom will be kicked out of the governor’s office in the state’s coming recall, a prediction the embattled Democrat likely knew when he went on a desk-banging tirade in front of news reporters.

The SF Gate reported this week on the poll of 1,100 Californians that showed 51% favor recalling Newsom and only 40% want him to remain in power.

The survey was conducted by the San Diego Tribune and Survey USA, which reported in a May poll that only 36% favored booting him while 47% opposed the ballot measure.

In summary, then, if the polling is accurate, Gov. Newsom is in big trouble come November after a whopping 61% of voters put him in office in 2018 in the Democrat-dominated state.

On the ballot, California voters will scan a long list of 46 candidate’s names, from the obscure to the prominent. The candidates include well-known conservative talk show host Larry Elder and Kevin Paffrath, a Democrat candidate who has a huge YouTube following for his financial advice.

In the poll, Paffrath led all other names with 27% and Elder trailed second at 23%.

“If Newsom is actually recalled, then it's quite likely that there's going to be a Republican governor,” says Daniel Greenfield, an author-journalist at the California-based David Horowitz Freedom Center. “And at this point the numbers are polling for recall."

Newsom, meanwhile, appeared to let his frustrations show when reporters for The Sacramento Bee interviewed him. The newspaper filmed the interaction, too, which showed the governor angrily banging his desk, wagging his finger, and cursing as he listed his accomplishments, Fox News reported.

“Guys, forgive me. I know I am a little pointed today,” he told the reporters at one point. "But I've been taking a lot from you folks for a lot of months. I should be able to express myself, too."

And he certainly did: Slapping his chair and pointing at the reporters, the longtime politician worth an estimated $20 million angrily insisted he cares about “blue-collar jobs” and “workin’ folks” in California, where the net population has dropped for the first time ever as people drawn to a beautiful state with high-paying jobs flee from burdensome taxes and regulations, sky-high real estate, and a state government controlled by Democrats.

Californians also experienced pandemic-related lockdowns that threw an estimated 3 million people out of work and sent the unemployment rate to double digits. An estimated 20,000 businesses had closed by last fall, according to The Orange County Register. 

Newsom, meanwhile, secretly attended a birthday party at a swanky Napa Valley restaurant last fall despite the state's strict lockdown rules. When photos surfaced, the governor issued a lie-filled apology. 

Greenfield tells American Family News that Elder is doing well in polls at the same time it appears the state could be headed for another pandemic-related shutdown, which would lead back to Newsom.

“If that changes, then the numbers could change over again,” Greenfield predicts, “because, really, a lot of the voters really care about not shutting down all over again."