So much relies on election integrity

So much relies on election integrity

So much relies on election integrity

The chairman of the Arizona Republican Party says there is so much evidence of "funny business" in the 2020 election that audits must be conducted throughout the country.

The audit conducted by a Florida-based IT firm has revealed evidence of ballot irregularities in Maricopa County. In a hearing before a state Senate panel, Cyber Ninjas pointed to more than 74,000 mail-in ballots that lacked "clear indication" of having been sent out. The audit also revealed that 18,000 people who voted in the 2020 election were taken off the voter rolls soon after. Also, more than 11,000 Maricopa County voters who were not registered to vote as of November 7th appeared to have been added to the voter rolls by December, and nearly 4,000 people voted after failing to register by the October 15th deadline.

During a recent appearance on American Family Radio, former Arizona state Senator Kelli Ward, who now chairs the Arizona GOP, said voter integrity must be maintained if America is to remain a constitutional republic.

"There are so many problems in Maricopa County that we have to get to the bottom of or we will not have election integrity, and our voters will not have confidence, and our entire country, our republic, our freedom our liberty is at stake," Ward warned. 

She also insisted that these kinds of audits must take place in every state, especially the other key states.

"Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada -- they should all be auditing their elections because there was funny business during all of the early voting and then certainly on Election Day itself, and then with the counting afterwards," the former senator said.

In the wake of Arizona's audit report, state Senator Wendy Rogers (R) has called for a new presidential election and for the state electors to be recalled.