None as bad as Biden

None as bad as Biden

None as bad as Biden

A conservative political analyst believes the Biden-Harris administration is on its way to becoming the worst presidential administration in U.S. history.

Richard Viguerie, a conservative activist and chairman of Conservative HQ, says over the past six months, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have pushed the agenda of the radical wing of the Democrat Party -- open borders, opposition to election reform, a weakened national military, and the imposition of tyrannical policies like critical race theory.

"I think he is on a path to be the all-time worst, without any serious competition," Viguerie says of Biden. "Jimmy Carter -- say what you want, but he was alert; he was in charge of his faculties. There's serious concern that Joe Biden is not fully competent mentally. And he's got a socialist, maybe even a Marxist, as vice president, and she makes Hillary Clinton look warm and comfortable and just [like] a really wonderful human being."

Viguerie, Richard Viguerie

Viguerie thinks the Democrats are going to wake up after the 2022 election and recognize they will have to make some serious changes in their party if they want to win in 2024.

"They've got Marxists in their party, anti-Semites who are driving the party off the cliff. And so not only is there a civil war in the country between forces of liberty and freedom and Marxism, but there's going to be civil war in the Democrat Party if they suffer the losses it looks like they're going to in 2022," the conservative submits.

He concludes a split "like we’ve never seen" is in store for the Democrat Party.