Day 1 at CPAC Texas features Donald Trump Jr. scorching Dems

Day 1 at CPAC Texas features Donald Trump Jr. scorching Dems

The first day of the CPAC – themed, “America Uncancelled” – on Friday featured Donald Trump Jr. ripping into the Biden administration’s rocky first six months in the White House, as an invigorated crowd cheered him on in Dallas, Texas.

He started by reminding those at the Conservative Political Action Conference that his father, former President Donald Trump, was “right about everything,” beginning with China’s Wuhan Laboratory leaking the coronavirus – which Democrats and the mainstream media attempted to discount as a rightwing conspiracy theory.

"At what point in time in these morons' minds, I don't know, the Wuhan lab-leak theory not the most plausible argument in the year 2020?" Trump Jr. scoffed before going after the deniers, according to Fox News. "Don't laugh – you're not canceled … by laughing, you would have been thrown off every social media platform … you would have been thrown out of a job in science because, you know, science no longer follows the rules of physics, right? They don't follow math – they follow the narrative dictated by CNN because that is able to manipulate the rules of physics."

America not in good hands …

The fiery Republican then bemoaned how President Joe Biden and Democrats are leading country down Satan’s path through their ultra-right failing policies, disastrous economic policies and failure to protect Americans – specifically taking aim at White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who was recently caught deceitfully trying to make it look as if Republicans, and not Democrats, were trying to defund the police.

"Jen Psaki told me so, so it must be true!" he jested. "Is that true, or did you see that on CNN?"

He then mused how the media attempted to show “proof” that Biden’s mental state is not fading by stressing how Russian President Vladimir Putin called him “smart.”

"I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say if it was Donald Trump that Vladimir Putin said that about, it'd be a slightly different response," Trump Jr. continued. "Did you ever think that maybe Vlad is thrilled to be negotiating against a dolt?”

A contrast was then made between Trump’s patriotic love for the country and the Democrats’ contempt for it.

"America First went down the toilet with this administration folks …” he lamented.

Trump Jr. commended his father for standing up to the litany of attacks from the Democratic Party and the media – referred to as “propagandists” – before addressing the cancel culture craze ushered in by the Biden administration.

"Remember, you guys get canceled for being conspiracy theorists,” the young Republican warned. “They created them, they push them, and yet there's no accountability, but today, in 2021, we all know that the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about six months."

Wolves in sheep’s clothing?

White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci was then dubbed as a “bureaucrat in a lab coat,” referring to his posturing for the Democratic Party’s power grab using COVID-19 scare tactics … in the wake of surfacing information showing how he funded gain-of-function research with taxpayer money to super-charge the coronavirus at the Wuhan lab – essentially turning it into a bioweapon.

"Fauci is better at pitching baseballs than he is at science, okay?" Trump Jr. joked about his embarrassing first pitch on Major League Baseball’s Opening Day.

He also attacked Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wy.) – who voted to impeach Trump last month – as being a RINO (Republican in name only).

"I'm sure she has a lot of bipartisan support because if there's one thing that she and Joe Biden definitely want to do, it's bomb the Middle East," Trump Jr. said, according to Yahoo News. "[Cheney] is tied to an establishment that has done nothing but fail us time and time again.”

Next, he targeted the president’s son, Hunter Biden, whose scandalous laptop data – brought to attention by Trump Sr. before the election – was buried by the media and blamed on Russia … before bringing up the novice painter’s work he’s been selling for $500,000.

"How do we get what we want from the Democrat Party? Just buy Hunter's art," Trump Jr. quipped. "What do you think the media reaction would be to 'Don Jr. smoking parmesan cheese?' I promise you, it wouldn't be what we saw from the media. It would be a little different. And then I say that, and they say, ‘Oh, you’re making fun of people with addiction' … I totally understand addiction. It's terrible. We all know people that have suffered from it. It doesn't absolve you from being a total piece of garbage in every other aspect of your life. It doesn't absolve you from selling access to the highest levels of government. It doesn't absolve you from selling out your country. It doesn't absolve you from, I don't know, child support from the stripper you knocked up a couple of years ago … Because I have a feeling that if it was me, I would not be absolved."

Rallying more Republicans

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R-Texas) also rallied Texans against Democrats Friday, referring to himself as “the last man standing” electorally when it comes to future presidential bouts.

"There are a lot of conservative and red states around the country, but if we fall, America falls," Patrick warned the CPAC crowd, according to a separate Fox News report. "The electoral votes of New York, California … combined together, means we could never elect a conservative Republican to the White House ever again."

He recalled standing at the border with Trump in June after Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) announced that Texas would complete the construction of the border wall the former president started.

“He looked over me and asked, ‘Are you ready for one more in 2024?’” Patrick recalled, according to Spectrum Local News. “Make no mistake, whatever he decides, the conservative movement in America has so much to thank President Trump for. He did something that’s rare in politics. He said what he was going to do – he did what he said he would do because that’s what you are supposed to do. Here in Texas, we stand with President Trump. We stand for the conservative values and principles of CPAC. In 2021, Trumpism will rise again!”

American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp opened the three-day event with Patrick, commending Texans for being at the forefront of a new conservative movement.

Schlapp pointed to the recent bills Texas has passed, including its ban on abortions of unborn babies once a heartbeat is detected, its permitless carry bill, and the pending voting rights bill currently being reviewed in Austin.

“We applaud you for what you are doing here in Texas,” Schlapp proclaimed to the Dallas crowd.