Bauer: Lack of patriotic displays a dangerous omen

Bauer: Lack of patriotic displays a dangerous omen

Bauer: Lack of patriotic displays a dangerous omen

America celebrated its 245th birthday over the weekend, but not everyone was in a festive mood. In fact, some Democratic members of Congress were leading the anti-American crusade.

While patriotic Americans were grilling burgers, enjoying family, and watching or launching fireworks, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Missouri "Squad" member Cori Bush (pictured) were tweeting out that freedom in America is only "for white people," black people "still aren't free," and America is sitting on "stolen land."

Not to be outdone, former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was telling MSNBC hosts that she had a new 4th of July tradition. "We're going to start a new family tradition in my family," the Democrat shared. "On the 4th of July, and every 4th of July going forward, we're going to watch that video that The New York Times put together of January 6th."

Gary Bauer of American Values says it is shameful and embarrassing.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

"At our national birthday party, the radical Left shows up like a drunken relative," he tells One News Now. "They came to the birthday party overturning tables, spitting on the birthday cake, shoving people around, and mocking the guest of honor."

And there were other disrespectful displays this Independence Day weekend, he notes. For example, on Saturday some members of the U.S. Women's National Soccer team appeared to turn their backs on the American flag (although that's been disputed) before their match with Mexico. And The New York Times and Washington Post wrote scathing editorials disparaging the flag and the Statue of Liberty.

Bauer says Americans ought to be losing sleep over such demonstrations.

"Because we're living in a world where the youth of countries like communist China are proud, patriotic, and they are looking to run the world," he notes. "If we can't teach our young children to love America, we are going to be in deep, deep trouble – dangerous trouble, life-and-death trouble."