Pro-life Republicans are 'heroes'

Pro-life Republicans are 'heroes'

Pro-life Republicans are 'heroes'

A spokeswoman for a nationwide network of more than 900,000 Americans likens the political parties coming up with a federal budget that protects babies to a tug of war competition.

The issue that keeps surfacing is abortion, with Democrats blocking the Republicans moves to add pro-life provisions to the budget. Prudence Robertson of the Susan B. Anthony List tells One News Now pro-life Republicans have spared no effort.

"They're really our heroes in this moment as they continue to bring up the Hyde Amendment and other various pro-life riders over and over again to hold Democrats accountable and show that this is a most important priority," Robertson shares.

Robertson, Prudence (Susan B. Anthony List) Robertson

The Hyde Amendment prevents federal monies from abortion, and many studies indicate it is something the public supports.

"Even Democrats and Independents support these commonsense limits, both the Hyde Amendment and the Born Alive bill, which is just a law that protects babies who are already born and ensures that they have the medical care that they deserve after surviving a failed abortion," Robertson relays.

The Hyde Amendment alone has saved an estimated 2.4 million babies from abortion, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute's research.