Presidential parallels: Biden vs. Carter

Presidential parallels: Biden vs. Carter

Presidential parallels: Biden vs. Carter

A conservative activist and political analyst already sees striking similarities between President Joe Biden's administration and the failed presidency of Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Both Biden and Carter came into the White House following unusual circumstances. Carter won the 1976 election after the Nixon Watergate scandal, and many people remain convinced that Biden won in 2020 because of election fraud.

Robert Knight, a conservative activist and a columnist for The Washington Times, remembers the "economic malaise" of Carter's term.

"The economy was just basically dead in the water," he recalls. "You had a 14.8% unemployment rate, which is just huge. You had an 18% interest rate. You had gas lines because the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) had cut off gas supplies, and you had people lining up on even and odd days according to their license plates. Things were pretty awful."

And even though Biden has only been in office for about four months, Knight says things are already pretty awful now.

Robert Knight Knight

"We had gas lines because of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown," the conservative notes. "Gas prices are starting to go through the roof again; they were very high under Jimmy Carter. Joe Biden seems to want America to settle for less with higher unemployment, higher interest rates; they're starting to go up. They're still nowhere near what occurred during Jimmy Carter, but the signs are there."

So Knight hopes the Biden will be like Carter in another way.

"If things don't change, the Biden/Harris administration is on the path toward a Carter-type presidency," he concludes.

Jimmy Carter served for one term.