The people want the Hyde Amendment, Mr. President

The people want the Hyde Amendment, Mr. President

The people want the Hyde Amendment, Mr. President

According to a professor and researcher, President Biden's pricy budget proposal goes against the will of the taxpayers.

The Catholic University of America's Dr. Michael New, who is also an associate scholar at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, tells One News Now the dollar amount of Joe Biden's proposed $6 trillion budget is not the only shocker.

"The main reason why it's concerning is that this is the first presidential budget proposal in 28 years that does not include the Hyde Amendment," New continues. "The Hyde Amendment limits the ability of the federal government to fund abortions through Medicaid."

In terms of saving the lives of unborn babies, the pro-life researcher explains, "There are at least 15 peer-reviewed studies in a range of economics, political science, and public health journals that clearly show that once you start paying for abortions with taxpayer dollars, abortion rates go up."

New, Dr. Michael New

The pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights released an analysis in 2010 that showed the Hyde Amendment had saved at least one million lives. Dr. New's study for the Charlotte Lozier Institute, published in 2016 and updated in 2020, revealed the Hyde Amendment had saved over 2.4 million lives since 1976, and it continues to save more than 60,000 lives every year.

Eight polls on taxpayer-funded abortions show a majority of people who pay those taxes into the National Treasury do not want those funds used to pay for the termination of preborn children.