What America can do for believers abroad

What America can do for believers abroad

What America can do for believers abroad

A documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, and missionary says the U.S. must take immediate steps to help bring the slaughter of Nigerian Christians to a halt.

Despite his ministry's ongoing work to shine light on and respond to the heavy persecution the Christian Church is facing in Nigeria, Judd Saul of Equipping the Persecuted says the killings have continued.

"In 2022, 90% of all Christian persecution deaths happened in Nigeria," he reports.

Muslim terrorist groups like Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are raiding predominantly Christian villages, kidnapping women and girls and killing the rest.

"This is radical Islam asserting its dominance over Nigeria," Saul explains. "What they are doing is systematically taking over the country little bit by little bit, going from north to south."

The Christians encountered along the way must either convert to Islam or die.

In America, people can often turn to the government for protection and solutions, but Saul says that is not an option in Nigeria.

Saul, Judd (Equipping the Persecuted) Saul

"The government isn't doing anything about it," he laments. "In fact, we have documented cases that the government has been complicit in these killings, where literally the military is ordered to look the other way as attacks are happening."

So, Saul is urging Christians in America to pray for their brothers and sisters in Nigeria and to encourage their elected representatives in Washington to take action to halt all aid to the country until Nigeria takes firm action against the terrorist groups.

Meanwhile, Nigerian Christians need aid on the ground to fend off the attacks and to help restore and uplift survivors.