Equipping the persecuted in Nigeria

Equipping the persecuted in Nigeria

Equipping the persecuted in Nigeria

With the hope of deterring attacks and saving lives, an American ministry has dedicated itself to shining light on and responding to the heavy persecution the Christian Church is facing in Nigeria.

Judd Saul of Equipping The Persecuted recently told American Family Radio that nothing other than the supernatural peace of Christ that passes all understanding can account for church members -- who have seen their loved ones slaughtered in front of them -- singing praise to God. He says the persecution in Nigeria is as severe as anywhere in the world.

Saul, Judd (Equipping the Persecuted) Saul

"When they go in, they kill as many people as they can, drive them from their homes, and destroy everything that they owned, including their farmland, their houses -- everything is burned to the ground," Saul details. "People are not allowed to return back to where they live, and the people that escape escape only with the clothes on their back."

Even so, he says hardly anyone is talking about the suffering, and many Christian ministries are doing little to help.

"Persecuted Christians are being pretty much ignored," he laments. "A lot of other ministries on the ground really weren't doing much with them. If they were, it was only just a sliver of help."

But for him, he felt God's call on his life to get involved after just one visit to Nigeria.

"The Lord laid it on my heart to start Equipping The Persecuted, to be a responsive ministry to respond to attacks within 48 hours, and to help put mechanisms in place to deter attacks and save lives," Saul shared with the radio program.

He encourages anyone who wants to get involved with the effort to find out how at EquippingThePersecuted.org.