The huge impact of a simple note

The huge impact of a simple note

The huge impact of a simple note

Believers again have the opportunity to be a blessing to missionaries and persecuted Christians around the world by participating in the Orange Letter Campaign, which begins today (Monday) and runs through November 4.

Engage is one of the ministries behind the annual campaign, along with Global Outreach International. As Cedra Sartin of Engage explains, that ministry has missionaries on the ground all over the world.

"And we're reaching out to these missionaries and sending letters to them," she tells AFN. "There are several who are facing persecution, and they're trying to help others who are facing persecution."

Engage encourages individuals to "share truth and apply scripture." While that is often done with people who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, Jordan Chamblee of Engage says it is important to do that with missionaries and persecuted Christians as well.

"Just standing with them … has an invaluable impact," he shares, "but also as Christians we're not called to stand alone – and in some of these places, missionaries might feel very alone. They don't have other believers all around them to support them. So, we can be that support."

The Engage website is set up so believers can easily write a letter there. The deadline for submitting letters is November 4.

The Orange Letter Campaign got its name from the first year when believers were encouraged to send letters to the families of the Egyptian Christians martyred in Libya by ISIS. The people killed were wearing orange jumpsuits at the time of their death. Since its first year in 2015, the Campaign has distributed letters to Christians in Syria and North Korea, in addition to missionaries worldwide.

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