Prayer requested as security fades

Prayer requested as security fades

Prayer requested as security fades

A ministry spokesman says life is getting more difficult for Christians in India.

Christians in India have suffered persecution since the effort to introduce the people there to the message of Christ first began. But violence has increased steadily in the past couple of years.

Maurice Singh is son to the couple who founded Look Unto Jesus Ministries, which includes an orphanage. He recently told American Family Radio's "Exploring Missions" program the increase in persecution started partly with the COVID lockdowns, when residents were confined to their homes or swept into quarantine facilities.

"With a lot of Christian communities, they never saw them again after those quarantines and those events," Singh shared. "A lot of Christian communities have gone missing during these times."

Meanwhile, the government has become more emboldened to destroy Christians.

"Where we are located, in a radius of 50 miles in the last three months there have been about 16 churches that have been demolished," Singh lamented.

Government officials and local police were present at those demolitions and did nothing to stop them.

"A lot of pastors are being killed," Singh added, noting that security is a problem for church leaders. "It is estimated that in our state alone, every month there is an average of 70 pastors that get killed."

He is calling on Christians worldwide to pray for the dangerous situation in India.