International event a reminder to pray

International event a reminder to pray

International event a reminder to pray

The Olympic Games continue Wednesday in China – and so does a commitment to pray for the persecuted Church in the host country.

Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs says his organization is encouraging people to use the Winter Olympics as a daily reminder to pray for their brothers and sisters in China.

Nettleton, Todd (VOM) Nettleton

"We have spiritual family members in China, including many who are imprisoned for their faith in Christ," Nettleton notes. "We want to use every event, we want to use every shot on TV of the Great Wall of China as a reminder to pray for our family who is in China."

Nettleton is excited by the fact that more than 20,000 people in 138 countries have pledged to pray during the Winter Olympic Games. The ministry did something similar in 2008, when the Summer Olympics were in Beijing, but the participation in that effort was not at this level.

"This is a great thing to invite your Christian friends to, whether it be members of your church, Bible study group, [or] Sunday school class," Nettleton suggests.

The website recommends five ways to pray for Chinese Christians, and it also includes a current count of how many people are praying and a map showing all the countries where people are praying.