The ACLU's satanic agenda

The ACLU's satanic agenda

The ACLU's satanic agenda

The agenda varies, but the goal of the ACLU and other cultural termites is the same: Eat away at the civil pillars – faith and family – that allow us to live in peace with each other. Then keep expanding government to pick up the pieces.

Robert Knight
Robert Knight

Robert Knight is a columnist for The Washington Times. His latest book is "Crooked: What Really Happened in the 2020 Election and How to Stop the Fraud."

We're living in a time of moral confusion.

Or moral cowardice. Or fatal indifference. Or all three.

How else to explain the inability to draw any meaningful distinction between an after-school Good News Club for children that imparts the love of Jesus, and an After School Satan Club?

In Pennsylvania, the Saucon Valley School District tried but failed. They held off the Satan Club (motto: "Educatin' with Satan!") for a while until the absurdities of our morally relativistic legal system caught up with them.

The school board recently settled a lawsuit brought by the devil's law firm – the American Civil Liberties Union – agreeing to pay $200,000 in legal fees and opening their facilities to the Satan Club, operated by The Satanic Temple.

Score one more for the ACLU's shakedown squad.

A federal court ruled that the club was denied equal access "based on The Satanic Temple's controversial views on religion and the community's negative reactions thereto."

Controversial? It's good to know that the premier symbol of evil in the world is still not quite fully accepted in our enlightened society as a mentor to children.

The Satanic Temple, whose adherents say they don't really believe in the devil but who are delighted to spoil any public display of biblical faith, naturally engaged the ACLU as their legal attack dog.

As many fleeced communities have learned, ACLU lawyers aren't run-of-the-mill legal beagles but rather the hounds of hell. Oh, they're on the right side now and then, like a stopped clock that gets the time right twice a day. But overall, they are not on the side of the angels.

We can thank the ACLU for stripping towns and cities of publicly displayed Christmas trees, nativity scenes, Ten Commandments monuments and Menorahs and school Christmas and Easter programs. They've been instrumental in turning our schools and universities into de facto atheist training camps, complete with LGBTQ propaganda and Critical Race Theory.

They oppose laws protecting children against being experimented on by doctors who ply kids with dangerous drugs and surgically remove healthy sexual organs.

Beginning in the 1960s, the ACLU helped unleash a tsunami of pornography and obscenity on the nation in the name of freedom of speech. With some helpful funding from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, they helped pull off Roe v. Wade, which in 1973 created a new constitutional "right" to abortion until it was overturned last year by the Dobbs ruling.

But wait. There's more.

While not being foolish enough to go on record opposing laws against the production of child pornography using real children, the ACLU nonetheless opposes laws criminalizing possession of child pornography.

Plus, they're fine with AI-generated child porn imagery. Never mind what kind of effect it's having on men who get addicted and go on to act out in real life.

Remember, it's much more important to ensure that deviants get to frolic however they want than it is to keep children safe from perverts.

"If you ask their lawyers, which I have, they'll say: 'Well, we're not for the production of child pornography if it involves real children … but once it's produced, people have the right to partake in it.' And of course that creates a market for it and victimizes more children. But they don't seem to care." (Columnist Robert Knight, in an interview with AFN)

The agenda varies, but the goal of the ACLU and other cultural termites is the same: Eat away at the civil pillars – faith and family – that allow us to live in peace with each other. Then keep expanding government to pick up the pieces.

The devil likes to come across as daring and innovative, but he/she/it never creates anything, unless you count human misery.

Satan is a destroyer. He perverts what God has created and persuades the unwary that it's a clever new way of thinking or doing.

Think of self-styled "performance artists" who sneak into the Louvre or the National Gallery and throw paint or worse all over the Mona Lisa or some other masterpiece. This is the devil's version of art.

The devil does some of his best work when it comes to sex.

The Creator gave us this amazing gift and told us to keep it within marriage, thus allowing the formation of families and limiting social and physical fallout. The devil has been disgusted with this arrangement since time began.

Ever envious of the Creator, he can only whisper, "has God really said?" and tempt people into all kinds of self-destructive behavior. The revolt against nature and nature's God is always sold as liberating the human spirit.

In a news release, the ACLU characterized the school district settlement as a win for The Satanic Temple, but also as "a victory for free speech and religious liberty." However, the temple gives away the game on its website, saying it "will only open a club if other religious groups are operating on campus."

In other words, they come in to step on others.

The devil loves to spread the lie that his world kingdom of evil is the equal and opposite of God's goodness. But the Creator God, who is bound by neither time nor space, reigns eternally supreme.

"Be of good cheer," Jesus said. "I have overcome the world."

According to Scripture, Satan is a created being whom God mysteriously allows to roam the earth, vexing us and testing us before coming to a very bad end.

In the meantime, we owe it to innocent children to keep this fiend and his pawns at arm's length.

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