Satan Club, supporters in league with 'prince of liars'

Satan Club, supporters in league with 'prince of liars'

Satan Club, supporters in league with 'prince of liars'

A family advocate says the ongoing effort to remove a Christian club from schools is a physical depiction of a spiritual war.

After a young student in Lebanon, Connecticut asked her mother if she could join an after-school Good News Club, the parent was so horrified that she contacted and invited the Satan Club to help her do something. So, beginning in December, Lebanon Elementary School will reportedly start hosting Satan Club meetings after school.

"I think we're all pretty disturbed," responds Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut. "They have two agendas -- one that's open, one that's secret -- and both of them are evil."

The Satan Club's open agenda is simply to counter the presence of Child Evangelism Fellowship's (CEF) Good News Clubs.

"The satanist club is reactive," says Wolfgang. "Their point is to go into public schools that have an after-school Christian club called Good News, and under current jurisprudence, they can force the school to allow the satanist club, too."

But their aim is not to stay on campus.

"Their purpose is to try to get themselves kicked out so that they can force the Christian student club to be kicked out, too," he details about what he considers their explicitly evil misuse of the U.S. Constitution.

As for the Satan Club's secret agenda, Wolfgang says the name exposes that.

Wolfgang, Peter (Family Institute of Connecticut) Wolfgang

"What they're not up front about is though they deny that they're Satanists, they are Satanists," he asserts. "The devil is a liar; he is the prince of liars, and we have to be careful about any claim that they make about they're just rationalists, or they're just atheists."

Meanwhile, he points out that America's laws are based on the Judeo-Christian underpinnings of the Declaration of Independence.

"There's no reason in the world why our courts should not be able to distinguish between something good like Christian Good News Club for students and something bad like something that advocates for Satan," Wolfgang contends.

Recognizing the spiritual warfare, his organization plans to do everything it can within the boundaries of the law to challenge the club as it works to prevent young children from being taught about Jesus after school.

"I think we're going to see more and more of this, and it's going to have effects," Wolfgang warns. "Even the people who advocate on the other side don't understand the doors that they're opening."