How a Chinese whistleblower tied a bizarre story to the PLA

How a Chinese whistleblower tied a bizarre story to the PLA

How a Chinese whistleblower tied a bizarre story to the PLA

Everybody from U.S. senators to immigration watchdogs are concerned the U.S. homeland is being penetrated by trained military operatives sent from China but a disturbing story from Central America suggests those operatives can be traced to a specially-trained unit in the People’s Liberation Army.

Clare Lopez, a former CIA officer, tells AFN she was disturbed at first-hand accounts from Panama where Chinese nationals who are traveling to the U.S. bought a chicken and drank its blood. That bizarre story comes from the Darien Gap, the jungle region that is the destination for people from all over the world before they trek north and cross into the U.S. from Mexico. 

Heritage accuses Biden admin of clever counting,  blatant lies

Steve Jordahl, AFN.net

Finding a true statement in the Biden administration is a difficult task so it was no surprise The Heritage Foundation wrecked the claim that fewer illegal aliens are crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

In a press release from the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the U.S. Border Patrol, DHS says border encounters “remain low” thanks to the “Biden-Harris administration's comprehensive plan to manage the border.”

The press release even claims the number of illegal aliens crossing into the U.S. is dropping, which if true would come after record-breaking numbers have been recorded by federal officials. 

Heritage immigration expert Lora Ries, a former top official at Homeland Security, calls that a flat-out lie.

Ries, Lora Ries

“The same number of illegal and inadmissible aliens are still entering the U.S.,” she tells AFN. “The Biden administration is just diverting over 60,000 per month to a different line.”

What line? Our own federal government, she explains, is stopping illegal aliens before they enter and sending them to an official port of entry where they can file a request for asylum. So their entry into the U.S. is not counted in Border Patrol numbers.

For that sleight-of-hand trickery Ries calls the DHS press release “lipstick on a pig,” because the Biden administration – which is welcoming as many illegal immigrants as it can – is claiming it is doing the exact opposite and bragging about the lie.

In a May story, AFN reported hundreds of thousands of migrants have traveled north from the Gap, including thousands of Chinese nationals, too.

In a story she wrote for Newsmax, Lopez noted that “between October 2022 and April 2023, over 9,000 Chinese migrants, most of them single adult males, were encountered by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents.”

It is likely trained PLA soldiers are included in that number, Lopez and others have warned.

Now comes news from Panama that those blood-drinking Chinese nationals are not so bizarre after all: Blood drinking is a PLA military-training ritual from the “Jungle Tigers,” which is the 75th Special Operations Brigade established in 2013.

 “They excel at all kinds of training, not just jungle training, but mountain training and even naval operations,” Lopez says of the 75th Brigade.

Lopez credits Chinese national Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the Wuhan Lab whistleblower, for connecting the chicken blood story to the “Jungle Tigers” tradition. A PLA propaganda video (pictured above), which Yan shared on Twitter, shows a female PLA soldier proudly describing the blood-drinking ritual as part of the unit’s training.

Lopez, Clare (Lopez Liberty LLC) Lopez

While many Chinese citizens might be innocently fleeing the Chinese Communist Party, Lopez says record numbers of them are currently flooding into the U.S. from a country that considers the U.S. its enemy. So the logical questions to ask are where are they going when they get here and are they linking up with others once they reach U.S. soil.

“There could be hundreds of Chinese military men, perhaps special forces, already inside the country,” she concludes.

Lopez, formerly with the Center for Security Policy, currently leads Lopez Liberty, LLC.