Gaffney: Pay attention to China's invasion before it's too late

Gaffney: Pay attention to China's invasion before it's too late

Gaffney: Pay attention to China's invasion before it's too late

National security expert Frank Gaffney is the latest prominent name to warn Americans we are allowing a foreign enemy to invade right under our noses and will regret it terribly if war with China breaks out.

Churches 'don't have choice' in humanitarian crisis

Steve Jordahl, AFN.net

At the same time illegal aliens are streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border in record numbers, an evangelical pastor says the U.S. must find a way to balance sovereign borders with humanitarian care.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who leads the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, says the federal government is failing its God-assigned role to protect borders and to keep its citizens safe.

“We know of stories of young men and women who have been raped, sexually molested, and placed in sex and human trafficking,” he tells AFN, “as a result of this open-border, Biden administration policy.”

Those migrants are willing to risk their lives for a better chance at life, he says, and they are being lured here by a policy that will allow them to remain.

When those foreigners reach U.S. territory, Pastor Shon Young of the Texas-based Val Verde Humanitarian Border Coalition says the faith-based organization is there to help them. The group of churches in Deli Rio help illegals with food, clothes, and transportation.

Rodriguez, Rev. Samuel (NHCLC) Rodriguez

“In our case, we don't have a choice. They're standing in front of us,” he says. “So we can either ignore [them] and walk away or see the person for who they are and look them in the eyes.”

What the Biden administration needs to do, Rodriguez says, is to improve border security to deny entry and stop “catch and release” that allows them to remain in the U.S.

“And then find a way,” he adds, “to open the border legally for those that attempt to come here legally and seek asylum.”

Gaffney, who monitors U.S. enemies for the Center for Security Policy, tells AFN he has become alarmed lately after learning record-breaking numbers of Chinese nationals are showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border. Many of them, he says, are military-aged men.

“By some estimates there may be five battalion's worth, which is about 5,000 of such men who have come across the border,” Gaffney tells AFN. “They're coming in at the rate of about 100 today, we're told.”

Back in March, the U.S. Border Patrol was reporting it has apprehended approximately 4,000 Chinese nationals during the new current fiscal year, a record-breaking number, AFN reported at the time.

That story also reported Griff Jenkins, a Fox News correspondent, had encountered a group of Chinese nationals (pictured at left) while he was reporting on immigration near the border. The group was walking freely down a dirt trail in Texas.

Jenkins later saw a bus unloading Chinese nationals into the care of an NGO, a non-profit group that works with the federal government to help illegal immigrants settle in the U.S. 

More 'atypical' foreigners entering U.S.

Meanwhile, U.S. Border Patrol agents encountered 2.2 million foreign nationals in 2022, the largest number on record, according to official figures compiled by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. When the fiscal year ended last fall, approximately 1 million of those encounters represented illegal aliens arriving here from “atypical” countries meaning they are not from Mexico or the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

What might sound like the plot for a Tom Clancy novel – a U.S. enemy is sneaking trained spies or even ruthless soldiers into the country – is really a smart strategy if you’re a general in the People’s Liberation Army or a minister in the State Security Ministry, China’s intelligence agency. After all, if the Biden administration’s open-border policy is not turning anyone away, it makes sense to send trained operatives who can freely roam the country.

Foreigners flooding Darien Gap

As far as getting Chinese nationals to the U.S., those trained spies and soldiers can easily mix with hundreds of thousands of foreigners who are traveling to the Darien Gap region in Panama. People are arriving in the jungle region from all over the world to travel north and eventually reach U.S. territory.

Michael Yon, the veteran war correspondent, has been reporting from the Gap for years because he alleges the U.S. government is helping those foreigners reach U.S. territory. More recently, however, he has been documenting the large number of Chinese nationals – including “military-aged males” – who are arriving in the Gap to travel north to the U.S.

Gaffney, Frank (Ctr for Security Policy) Gaffney

Much like the U.S Air Force general who is warning of a China-U.S. war, Gaffney says China is positioning itself to pounce on the U.S. within our own borders, and nobody is paying attention, he says.

“I don't think you can be paying enough attention to this,” he warns. “If you were, you would be shutting down the border and you would be rounding these folks up.”